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BirthCirca 347 AC
Death? AC
RaceGold Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown
LengthAbout 100 ft.

Suhnrysanti (c. 347 AC - ? AC), mostly known as Sunrise, was a Gold Dragon guardian in Dragon Mountain following the Chaos War. He was known to have been about one hundred feet in length with dark gold horns that curl like those of a ram. He was known to have an unending curiosity. Sunrise became Ulin Majere friend and soul mate with magic. He is also an agent for Aurumnus.

The young Dragon was known to be tense and nervous, but would immediately lose these traits when talking about art or Magic. His interest in art caused him to collect many works of art and jewelry.

Age of Mortals

Sunrise formed a friendship with the Solamnic Knights in Southern Ergoth, but left for the the mountains when the Dragon Purge began. He became lonely and began sculpting and practicing with his magic to help occupy his time.

Sunrise was guarding the Dragon Mountain when Ulin Majere and the Heroes of the Heart arrived at it. He offered Ulin to teach him the ways of magic he had never even begun to think of. Before that could happen, Gellidus attacked the heroes and Sunrise ordered Ulin to climb on and to use him to draw magic to fight the big white. Together with Silvara and the other heroes they are able to defeat Gellidus, and drive him away.

Together, Sunrise and Ulin form a bond and begin to learn how to draw from each other with Ulin becoming a Dragon Mage. When Malystryx tried to become a god at the Window to the Stars, Sunrise and Ulin fought together again, and able to stop the Dragon Overlords from gaining what they wanted.

Following the battle Sunrise goes with Ulin to Solace to teach him dragon magic. For reasons unknown Ulin and Sunrise went their separate ways.

War of Souls

In 421 AC, Sunrise heard Takhisis's voice in the Great Storm and recognized it for what it was. He with other dragons tried to leave Krynn to find the other Gods, but was imprisoned on the moon. After the Dragons were released he returned and fought in the Second Battle of Sanction.

Kender Tales

An older source stated that Sunrise's real name was Suhnrisanti.


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