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Steveck uth Drastin

Article written by Trampas Whiteman

Steveck uth Drastin (? - ? AC) stands 6' tall and weighs almost 200 pounds. He was a well-muscled man with a medium build. He had a handsome face with short blond hair and a mustache. Steveck was very serious-looking, rarely smiling.

Early Life

Steveck hails from a family of Knights in Solamnia. His ancestors used to belong to the Knights of Solamnia, until one of his ancestors, Drastin, left the knighthood after growing dissatisfied with it. Drastin formed his own knighthood, the Order of the Gold Lance, and raised his children and grandchildren on a modified version of the Oath and the Measure. Unlike the Knights of Solamnia, the Order of the Gold Lance took in both women and men.

The Knights of Solamnia let Drastin be for several reasons: he was still a force for good and right, he could raise a strong force which would lead to heavy casualties on both sides, and most of all, because they saw his efforts as a harmless aberration which would have no lasting effects. The knighthood grew, and all descendents of Drastin joined. The order never had more than a dozen cavaliers at any time, though the uth Drastin family commanded a large force of regular foot soldiers.

War of the Lance

Steveck was the last of his order. The rest of his family was slain at Solanthus during the War of the Lance. He discovered a cousin, Kimmil, who was raised by ice barbarians. Kimmil gave proof of her heritage and the two have traveled together ever since. Steveck has, in the past, been critical of the Knights of Solamnia, but his opinion has changed recently when he and Kimmil began traveling with Sir Daviter the Wise, a Knight of the Rose.


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