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Lafallot Reyelhart

Article written by Shadowalk Nimblefeet

Lafallot Reyelhart (100 AC - ? AC) appears to be nearly fifty years old to the shorter-lived races of Krynn, though his true age is 275. He has long, unkempt brown hair that falls in his emerald eyes and fair features creased with laugh lines. The aging elf wears a midnight blue tunic embroidered with silver stars, gray suede leggings, and black boots made from soft leather. Lafallot speaks with an amused tone and a constant half-grin that pulls at his lips. His friendly demeanor and good humor puts everyone around him at ease, unless they are an object of one of his infamous practical jokes. Lafallot walks with the aid of a delicate, gray staff which is the only obvious sign of his age.

NameLafallot Reyelhart
Birth100 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorEmerald
OccupationWhite Robed Wizard

Pre-War of the Lance

Lafallot's reputation as a trickster and humorist dates back to the Age of Despair, when as an apprentice wizard he switched his master's dust of dissappearance with itching powder. Expelled from his apprenticeship, Lafallot wandered Ansalon for several decades as an acrobat and carnival peformer while secretly continuing his practice of wizardry. After his self-imposed exile, Lafallot returned to apologize to his former master and present him with a lost spell. The spell, he explained, he gained through trading a witty limerick for it. After further study, the good-humored elf passed his Test of High Sorcery and took the White Robes. Lafallot will not entertain discussion of the Test, though it is one of the rare subjects which causes his smile to vanish and he now harbors an unusual hatred for the undead. It didn't take long for Lafallot to grow weary of the company of his fellow wizards. Not long after his test, he abandoned the Orders of High Sorcerery and declared himself renegade.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Lafallot served the Golden General Laurana as a messenger, scout, and war-wizard.


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