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Onysablet (? - 422 AC) was an alien dragon who traveled from the alien dragon world to Krynn, in the wake of other mighty dragons who had come before her, such as Malystryx and Beryllinthranox. Noticing some of her fellow dragons had vanished from her home world, curiosity caused her to make the journey across. Onysablet established her realm in the New Coast and proclaimed herself as one of the five Dragon Overlords, and the mightiest black dragon on Ansalon. Onysablet measured two hundred and forty feet from head to tail, and possessed batlike wings and a sinuous body. Midnight-black scales covered her entire body, and she possessed a silent catlike grace that far surpassed any of the other overlords. Onysablet had two ivory horns that pointed downwards from her dark head, and an acidic demeanor.

Arrival on Krynn & The Dragon Purge

Onysablet made the journey from her home world to Krynn, when she noticed that Malystryx and a number of other dragons had all suspiciously disappeared. Following in their wake, she appeared to the distant east of Ansalon in 387 AC and then made the journey across the sea. Normally used to lurking in swamps, Onysablet found the journey particularly difficult and swam almost the entire way, sleeping for entire weeks at a time beneath the waves, before resuming her journey. It was two long years before Onysablet finally arrived on Ansalon in 389 AC.

When she did finally appear in Ansalon, the black dragon soon made her way to the New Sea, where she fought against the local dragons and claimed the area for her own. It was sheer exhaustion from fighting that caused Onysablet to choose the New Coast area for her own, as she did not wish to fight other dragons for different regions. Finding the landscape not to her liking, she used her magical power to transform the New Coast, New Sea and Blödehelm into a vast swamp. In 392 AC, Onysablet learnt how to create her own totem and harness the life energies of other beings, which enabled her to become larger and more powerful, as well as expand her realm further. By 403 AC, the realm of Black Overlord was finally complete and the borders stretched from the southern Khalkist Mountains, throughout all of the New Coast, Blödehelm and the Blöde plains.

She also had turned the entire domain into marshy swampland, with stagnant water over the earth, and a dense canopy covering everything, that made her domain dark throughout the entire day. Onysablet turned the local birds and reptiles into abnormally large and fearsome creatures and also worked on creating her own dragonspawn.

In 415-416 AC, Onysablet assisted the other Dragon Overlords in Malystryx's ascendance to godhood. The black dragon fought fiercely against the Heroes of the Heart and slew the Dwarven mystic Jasper Fireforge. However the Heroes ultimately led to Malystryx being unable to extend her power further and were allowed to depart. Onysablet then continued to develop her power and experiments in the following years, with attempts to capture more slaves, including an attempt to abduct Princess Mercideth of Ergoth in 417 AC.

Allies of the Great Black

Unlike her fellow overlords, Onysablet did not surround herself with large number of other dragons. She had a small number of black dragons that served her however, but was primarily served by hosts of draconians, bakali and ogres. Her humanoid minions watched over her slaves and her menagerie (Onysablet's collection of swamp creatures and other abominations which she has performed magical experiments on). Chief amongst her Bakali servants was Chieftain Baccaneesh, a huge war-like fighter, who ruled through brute force and fear.

Of her dragon servants, Mintigoth (known to men as Oil) was her chief aide. The large black male dragon flew through her entire domain constantly, patrolling for intruders, as well as learning valuable news to offer to his overlord. The only other dragon of note, which served Onysablet, was Ricandroth (also known as Dire), the son of Mintigoth. The young black dragon was Onysablet's attendant and guarded her lair from any who would enter without permission. Another young black called Stealth was also a minion of hers and would sometimes be sent on missions to Schallsea.

The War of Souls & Beyond

In 421 AC, the War of Souls raged across Ansalon, however it had little impact on Onysablet and her minions, other than she saw three of her fellow overlords be annihilated. Realizing that she was now the most powerful Dragon Overlord remaining, but also aware of the fate of her more powerful kin, Onysablet remained working away at building her power, whilst staying out of the notice of most other inhabitants of Ansalon.

By 422 AC, Onysablet finds her domain under siege by the former Hero of the Heart, Dhamon Grimwulf, who is now cursed and in the form of a Shadow Dragon. Dhamon, who sought only to recover his lost humanity, finally faced off with the overlord in the depths of her swamp. After a prolonged battle, the shadow dragon Dhamon finally defeated Onysablet. However Dhamon himself followed Onysablet into death just moments later due to his wounds.

Titles and Nicknames

From her initial arrival in 389 AC, Onysablet has been known by a number of names. The most common ones are simply Sable, or the Black Overlord.


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