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Firestorm (? - ? AC) was a venerable female Red Dragon who was highly eccentric and self-centered. She doesn't like war, but when she does battle she tends to banter and toy with opponents rather than killing them quickly. Firestorm hates the 'lesser races', and her long-standing feud with Tombfyre makes her also hate his rider Ariakas.

Firestorm enjoys taking the form of a human, and will tend to look like a lithe young maiden that is beautiful and delicate looking, with red hair. She was very good at shape changing and gets a huge thrill changing into a dragon from her human form right in front of the 'lesser races'. One of her favorite games to play on a Human male, was when they would flirt with her she would have flames flicker in her eyes.

War of the Lance

When the War of the Lance broke out, Firestorm had little interest in assisting Takhisis in taking over mankind, or for any war for that matter. For her unreliability, Ariakas has kept her and her rider behind their lines and away from any attacks in Sanction, much to the frustration of her rider. She creates a cave above the Temple of Duerghast that is virtually impossible to see until you are right on it, and is loaded with all sorts of treasure.

When Firestorm finds out what was being done to the Metallic Dragon eggs, she is disgusted with the perversion that creates Draconians and will have nothing to do with them.

Following the War of the Lance, it is unknown what became of her. It was known that she wanted to go to a quiet, isolated lair somewhere away from any action.

Chaos War

When the Knights of Takhisis occupied Sanction in 383 AC, Firestorm created a lair that was located on Mount Thunderhorn and just above the Temple of Luerkhisis. By the time Linsha Majere was in the city around 419 AC, Firestorm was long gone and her lair was destroyed. It is currently unknown what became of her.


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