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Stoddard (Born: ? AC) was a Knight of the Rose who fought in the Chaos War during the summer of 383 AC. He had a dragon companion in the Bronze Dragon Razer. While fighting a Chaos Dragon, he suffered some hearing loss. He came upon the young Liam of Eldor while they were giving chase to the chaos dragon, and when Liam named himself the son of Huma, Stoddard thought he was crazy.

Stoddard then watched as Razer was killed by the chaos dragon, and Liam turned into a Silver Dragon, to fight Chaos' minion. Liam fought bravely and killed the dragon, but was killed in the process. Stoddard knew that no one would believe that Liam was the son of Huma, but he would always believe. He named Liam a Knight of the Crown so he would be properly honored by the knighthood.


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