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Primus (Fire Dragon)

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Primus (Born: ca. 9000 PC) was a male Fire Dragon, that was the mount to Zarak Thuul for as long as Krynn has existed. He has a crocodilian head, with his skull and skin outlined in living flame.

Chaos War

When Zarak Thuul was ordered by Chaos to attack Thorbardin during the Chaos War, in 383 AC, Primus loyally flew his companion in the attack on the Dwarven nation. Together they devastated the dwarven nation, killing many thousands of dwarves in the process. Primus would fly straight through the rock of the underground nation as if it was air.

The Hylar city of Hybardin had it's bottom five levels break off from the Life Tree from all the destruction by Primus, killing many, many dwarves fighting on the docks below. Eventually, a dwarf by the name of Baker Whitegranite, found and used the powerful artifact called the Platinum Egg, which banished Primus back to the Abyss where he dwells to this day.


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