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Barbarossa (? - 357 AC) was a fierce barbarian and a wise strategist who became the Highlord of the White Dragonarmy during the post-War of the Lance period. The White Dragonarmy was another force which suffered greatly from the defeat in Neraka. The remnant forces fled back to the Icewall Glacier where fierce warrior Barbarossa forced his way into the role of Highlord.

Barbarossa by Sticko.
EnlargeBarbarossa by Sticko.
Birth? AC
Death357 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationHighlord of the White Dragonarmy

Over the next few years, the White Dragonarmy was harried by the Whitestone Forces, losing ground and being pushed further south. Not only was Barbarossa fighting a losing battle on the ground, but constant rumors filtered in of the rise of Toede from the dead. Barbarossa finds himself challenged several times during 352 AC - 357 AC, as well as trying to maintain power over the Ice Folk, and alliances with the Thanoi. Eventually in 357 AC, the remaining parts of the army collapsed against the Whitestone forces, as Barbarossa, the last Highlord of the White Dragonarmy, suffered his final defeat.


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