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Birth? PC
Death9000 PC
RaceRed Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

Furyion (? - ca. 9000 PC) was the first Red Dragon and the most powerful of the five Sons of Takhisis. The great red dragon was only comparable in size and might to the fearsome Malystryx (an alien dragon who appeared during the Age of Mortals). Furyion developed a lair within the Khalkist Mountains, and utilizing powerful arcane magic, he transformed the mountain range into a volcanic wasteland, which suited his tastes. In the volcanic region, he consorted with Takhisis and sired a clutch of red dragon eggs with her. The dark goddess took the eggs back to the Abyss for safekeeping, until the eggs were hatched and the young dragons were ready to launch themselves onto Ansalon.

The mighty red dragon flew primarily with Arkan, who was his closest rival in power, as well as his closest brother. In the war against the Daughters of Paladine, Furyion's power led to the downfall of most of the metallic dragons, however each time one of his brothers always claimed the deathblow.

In the final fight against the Gold Dragon Aurora, Furyion was determined to claim a kill at last. The red dragon watched his white brother Akis fall prey to Aurora's magic first, before he and Arkan closed in and chased the gold dragon in her mountain. Initially Aurora threw a spell of feeblemind in his face, to disable his considerable spell casting abilities, before fleeing again.

Furyion was aware that his brothers fell one by one to the gold dragon, but also that Aurora had many wounds and was considerably weakened. The red dragon finally came upon the gold dragon again in the heart of her lair, and launched himself upon her. Furyion knew that his ultimate victory was at hand, however Aurora, also aware that she could not defeat the red dragon, entwined her body with his, and then she turned herself into stone. Furyion plummeted into a subterranean lake with Aurora, and thoroughly trapped and entangled with her, the mighty Furyion drowned.

Of the clutch of red dragon eggs that Furyion sired with Takhisis, a number survived the hatching stage. However only his daughter Crematia emerged from the Abyss, having slain the rest of her kin, to establish herself as the most powerful scion of Furyion.


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