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Guidan (? PC - ? AC) was a male Human that dwelt in the province of Styrllia, part of the Aurim Empire. When the Great Destruction rocked Taladas, Guidan realised that the people of Styrllia could no longer stay in the area and had to flee for safer climes. Along with his comrade Kristophus, Guidan organised for the people to trek southwards to safety.

Birth? PC
Death? AC
NationalityAurish / Thenolite
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationRuler of Thenol

During the trek, Guidan and Kristophus decided to split their people, with Kristophus leading his followers directly westwards. Guidan instead led his people southeast, eventually coming upon the land that would become Thenol. Upon arriving, Guidan had lost all power, and was leader in only name, power being in the hands of various princes, dukes, and barons.

His descendants survived, they having been the kings of Thenol, though all never having any power at all, acting as a figurehead for those who have the true power, in the past the lords, or later, the Bishop of the Church of Hith.


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