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Article written by Kranar Drogin

Ithin'carthia which is also known as the Isle of the Brutes , is located east of Ansalon and south of Taladas along the equator. This is a semitropical land, and even during the autumn it is warm. The island used to be covered in jungle and grasslands, but now the lands are way over populated by the Tarmak and all this land is disappearing.

There used to be three different societies on the continent, but the Tarmak dominated the Damjatt and Keena. There also used to be dragons located in the lands, but the Tarmak have killed them all.

Kender Tales

In the Linsha Trilogy, the continent was describe being north and east of Ansalon. This would put it smack on top of Taladas and the Dargonesti isles. Going by Tasslehoff's Map Pouches, it is farther to the east.


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