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Galdar (Gal-dar) (381 AC - ? AC) was a Minotaur who was a follower of Mina and also was a Knight of the Lily. His family was unknown, and he didn't have any children. Galdar was seven feet tall, and lost his sword arm during a battle, at the shoulder. His fur was brown, he was muscular, and known to have fierce eyes. When going to battle with other Dark Knights, he had to run along side the horses because no horse could carry him. For living and fighting among humans for so long of his life, humans tended to like and trust him.

Galdar by Sticko.
Galdar by Sticko.
AliasGaldar the One-Armed
Birth381 AC
Death? AC
NationalityBlood Sea
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationFormer Knight of the Lily

Early Life

When Galdar was still young, he spent ten years at sea on board minotaur ships, learning to sail and fight.

Age of Mortals

Galdar was a scout and Knight of Neraka under the command of Ernst Magit, which Galdar was second-in-command to. Before becoming a scout, he was a fearsome warrior, but after losing his sword arm he was relegated to a scout.

War of Souls

The sudden storm for the beginning of the War of Souls hit Galdar's group of soldiers, in the summer of 421 AC, while they were based in Neraka. Out walked a strange young girl named Mina. Mina called upon her One God, and fully restores Galdar's lost limb. From that moment, Galdar fully pledged himself to her. He then took the position of her second-in-command and personal bodyguard.

While traveling with Mina, he teaches her the use of both the morning star and the shield. Mina was a fast learner and was able to master the use of the weapon in no time at all. Galdar becomes one of her three top officers, including Samuval and Dogah. Galdar traveled with Mina and assisted her in taking over the Silvanesti, Solanthus, and there he even executed the Lord of the Night Morham Targonne. He even went to the Tower of High Sorcery in Nightlund. Finally, he went with her back to the city of Sanction, which was under siege. Together with their spirit allies and army allies they were able to break the siege and take over the city.

When word arrived of the great red Malystryx was on her way to the city to attack, Galdar was scared for Mina's safety. She decided to ride on a bone dragon to battle the red. Galdar wanted to go with, but Mina would not allow him to ride with her. Instead he had to find his own dragon to ride with her, which he did in Marshal Alexius Medan's former mount Razor. Together Galdar and Mina flew out from Sanction to meet Malys in battle, and never before had Galdar been so happy or so at peace with himself. Galdar knew going into that battle that he would die. The battle wasn't going so well for the both of them, and when Mina was struck down he called out to Takhisis to save Mina for all the work she had done. He watched as Takhisis joined with the bone dragon to again attack Malys.

Galdar then renewed his attack by throwing a pike at Malys' eye, which ended up not doing any damage and getting Razor killed by Malys in the process. In a final act, Razor was able to get to the ground without killing Galdar, but died shortly after from his wounds. Galdar did dig out Mina from under Malys' body, and nursed her back to health. Together they returned to Sanction, and there Galdar witnessed Takhisis slain by the Silvanesti Speaker of the Stars Silvanoshei Caladon, and Mina in turn killed him. During all this, Galdar has his right arm cut off from him again by the Dark Queen when he stepped in front of Mina to shield her. In his great time of need, he calls out to Sargas who restores his life and offers him his arm back, which Galdar refuses. Instead he plans on learning to use his left arm with a sword.

Post War of Souls

Following the war, Galdar helped Mina conceal Takhisis' tomb after praying to Sargas to allow him to find and assist her. For this, he had to agree to assist Sargas in the conquest of Silvanesti, which Galdar did quickly. Galdar also felt partly responsible for the death of the Dark Queen by stopping her from attacking Mina. At the tomb, Chemosh came to Mina to ask her to join with him. Galdar didn't like this and Sargas told him to leave her, but Galdar wouldn't listen. He attacked Chemosh and the god sent Galdar away to Silvanesti. There, Galdar found out he was known among minotaurs as Galdar the One-armed and had a very high reputation for working with the Dark Knights.

Later in 422 AC, Galdar was given an assignment by Sargas himself to ambush and capture Valthonis, and take him to meet Mina to resolve the conflict between them and in turn resolve the conflict in the heavens. Leading a minotaur party, Galdar confronted Valthonis, who willingly went into Galdar's custody and was led away from his faithful. Galdar and Valthonis left the war party and marched into the valley near Neraka, where the minotaur was instructed he would be approached by Mina. Shortly after, Mina indeed appeared, with the monk Rhys Mason, the kender Nightshade Pricklypear, and the dog Atta.

Mina appeared confused about events, asking Galdar to aid her in a fight that her forces won during the War of Souls. Galdar helped bring her mind to the present, and then showed her Valthonis, saying that Sargonnas wished her to strike down the individual who led to the fall of Takhisis, and claim her seat beside Sargonnas in the pantheon. Rhys in turn told her about Valthonis being her father, and that she was in truth a god of light, and Mina's form changed once more. Mina asked Galdar for his sword so she could strike down the defenseless Valthonis. Galdar however told Mina that he honestly believed she should not take Takhisis' place in the pantheon, nor kill Valthonis in cold blood. Wishing to have no more to do with the proceedings, the minotaur walked away, however Mina leapt after him, attacking the minotaur in a rage and beating him senseless. Rhys tried to stop Mina and was also beaten into unconsciousness and Atta was wounded by a vicious cut of Mina's sword. Finally Nightshade then tried to stop Mina from attacking, but she viciously broke his neck, killing the kender.

With the death of Nightshade, Mina realised in horror what she had done, and transformed into a six year old girl once more, she broke down in tears over his corpse. Valthonis rose and offered minor ministrations to the three survivors, before he and Mina left, leaving the trio and heading towards Godshome. Galdar, Rhys and Atta arose, finding themselves joined by both the followers of Valthonis and Galdar's minotaur war party. Rhys explained to the Faithful where Valthonis had gone, and they stepped aside, allowing Galdar and his minotaur to go on their way peacefully back to the Minotaur Empire.


It was said that Galdar was the protégé of the Protector of the Skull, but this can't be since Galdar was a Knight of the Lily and not very spiritual.


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