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Shadow Sorcerer

Article written by Trampas Whiteman

The Shadow Sorcerer is a stooped figure that is always hidden under layers of wispy, grey-black robes with a cavernous hood. It is nearly impossible to tell if the Shadow Sorcerer is human or elf, or even male or female. As an aspect of Takhisis, the Shadow Sorcerer can in fact take any of these forms. While she prefers a female appearance, the Shadow Sorcerer has also been seen as a male. The Shadow Sorcerer's face is always covered by one of two masks – either a silver mask, or a blue-black mask.

Age of Mortals

The Shadow Sorcerer is an aspect of Takhisis during the pre-War of Souls era in the Age of Mortals. She was first seen in 403 AC, walking out of the Desolation with a command of magic unknown since the Summer of Chaos. She teaches magic to Palin Majere, as well as secretly teaching Dalamar the Dark. The Shadow Sorcerer becomes contemporaries with Palin Majere and the Master of the Tower, and is present at the Last Conclave. She eventually betrays Palin Majere at Ariakan's Rest. During the early Age of Mortals, she also teaches Theo Drawde the secrets of sorcery, allowing him to reform the Knights of the Thorn.


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