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Cerium (? - 387 AC) was a Blue Dragon that was the mount for Mirielle Abrena, the Lord of the Night of her time. He served her during the Chaos War and in the years following the war in the rebuilding of the Knighthood.

Cerium was a mature male dragon that was forty-eight feet in length, with bulky, bulging muscles, thick horns the color of polished steel, an iron blue hide, and a wedge-shaped head. Long ago, he somehow received a wound to his right wing, and it was weaker than his other wing.

Post Chaos War

When Mirielle heard that the great Ariakan Ariakas was dead, Cerium bore her to Neraka to assist her in taking command of the Knights of Takhisis. While in power there, Cerium and Mirielle brought their iron grip upon the city. He also assisted her in claiming more land around Neraka and rebuilding the Dark Knights.

When Sara Dunstan challenged Mirielle to a duel, dragonback was picked. Cerium bore Mirielle into this battle, and just when all seemed to be going the way of the Dark Knights, Sara's mount Cobalt exploited Cerium's weakness in his right wing. Cobalt continued to attack Cerium's right wing until it snapped off, sending him and Mirielle plummeting to the earth. Cerium saved Mirielle from the ensuing impact but was himself killed in the impact.


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