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Fist of E'li

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Fist of E'li , also known as the Fist of Paladine, was a powerful artifact from the Age of Dreams that was owned by Silvanos Goldeneye. Looked like a small mace or scepter, made of enchanted, polished wood, haft trimmed with alternating bands of silver and gold, and a bulb-shaped top encrusted with diamonds, garnets, & emeralds. It was known to be able to float in water and protect its wielder from receiving wounds.

The Fist was known to be able to reduce an enemy to cinders with only one strike from it. It would also be able to enhance the appearance and make the wielder feel more confident in what they are doing. The wielder is able to rally elves to Paladine's cause by reinforcing what people already believe in or support. It will simply lend people the courage to stand up for their convictions, to embrace deeds harbored in their thoughts. Some scholars believed this was a mind-controlling device, but not so. The Fist isn't able to corrupt a person or force them to do something out of their character.

It was last known to be in an old fortress in the forest of Qualinesti, but then was found by Palin Majere and a few of the other Heroes of the Heart.


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