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Hooded One

Article written by Uziel

The Hooded One is a statue that was created from black stone and was made in the likeness of Maladar an-Desh, the Emperor of Aurim. The sorcerous ruler had his soul bind to the statue with the magical aid of a dozen archmages, so that if he was ever killed, his followers could later revive him. To prevent his return, a purge was done across the empire to destroy every statue in his image. However dedicated worshippers of Maladar kept the statue safe after his death. With the Great Destruction, the empire was sundered and the statue was forgotten.

Years later in 424 AC, treasure seekers found the statue in the ruins of Old Aurim, and it was purchased by the art collector Ruskal Eight-Fingers. Dwarven Fianawar merchants bargained with Ruskal and acquired the statue from him, before selling it to the human merchant Sammek Thale. However the statue was taken from the merchant by the Minotaur pirate Harlad the Grey, before being claimed by Barreth Forlo and taken to Coldhope Keep. When the Battle of the Run broke out, Barreth and his forces left the keep to defend against the Uigan invaders. The faithful servants of Maladar, the Faceless Brethren, took the opportunity to enter Coldhope Keep, claim the Hooded One and return to their temple in Neron.

In 425 AC, the Faceless Brethren undertook a ceremony to revive Maladar from the Hooded One, and send him into the body of Azar Forlo, son of Barreth. However Barreth disrupted the ceremony and Maladar's spirit entered him instead. As Maladar's spirit was released, the Hooded One burst and was left as merely a melted piece of black rock


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