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Tiderun Strait

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Prior to the Great Destruction, the continent of Hosk was one giant landmass. However with the Great Destruction, the land was sundered and split into Northern Hosk and Southern Hosk. When the great crack emerged between the two new regions, the waters from both the Indanalis Sea and the Western Ocean rushed in to fill the void. The Tiderun was formed and given its name due to the constant ebb and flow of the waters based on the influence of the moons. It is more commonly referred to as simply "The Run".

When the moons are not aligned, the waters of the Run are flowing and at their highest, pushing in from the Western Ocean and ending up in the Indanalis Sea. When two moons are in conjunction, the waters merely ebb gently, and the muddy banks on either side are exposed. Finally in the rarest of occasions when all three moons are aligned, the Run is completely dry in the centre, with the waters receded to the eastern and western parts.

Because it is used as a means of passage for trade, a number of settlements and cities have sprung up along the coastline of the Run, with Rudil being the largest of the settlements.

It was during a dry period in 424 AC, that the Uigan horde destroyed a number of settlements along the northern reaches of the Run, and then marched across the dried centre. It was here that the Battle of the Run played out and saw the destruction of the Uigan horde against the forces of Barreth Forlo.

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