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Ruskal Eight-Fingers

Article written by Uziel

NameRuskal Eight-Fingers
AliasRuskal One-Eye
Birth358 AC
Death424 AC
NationalityImperial League
Hair ColorGray
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationFormer Gladiator of the Imperial Arena

Ruskal Eight-Fingers (358 AC - Spring, 424 AC) dwelt in the town of Blood Eye in 424 AC, and was the master of the Blood Eye Tower. He was granted the tower as a reward by Emperor Ambeoutin XII, for his long and loyal service to the Imperial League. Prior to presiding over Blood Eye, he had been a champion gladiator in the Imperial Arena and had also fought in numerous wars in the name of the minotaur empire. He amassed a great fortune and retired to a life of peace in the small town. One of his few regrets was that in all this time, he had never taken a mate or sired any children.

Other than his servants and his friend and bodyguard Kesh Ak-Chorr, Ruskal lived alone in his tower. He grew increasingly bored with a quiet life, wishing he had perished in battle. To wile away the time, he begun collecting artifacts, amongst which he acquired the statue of the Hooded One.

In 424 AC, the former gladiator was killed by Shadow Kender that were sent by the Faceless Brethren to retrieve the Hooded One.


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