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Kayolin Dwarf

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The Kayolin Dwarves are actually a grouping of two clans of dwarves who live in the Garnet Mountains. These two clans are the Hylar and Daewar who settled here as a mining outpost for Thorbardin. For the first portion of the colony's history it was controlled by Thorbardin who dictated the actions of Kayolin. Even after these dwarves received their independence the Kayolin retained close ties to Thorbardin.

Following the Cataclysm the dwarves of Kayolin were forced to develop a high degree of self-sufficiency. Even though they remained social and cooperative with the nations outside of their borders. Their history has been marked with open communication with the Knights of Solamnia and trade has flourished with them. With the destruction of Thoradin the dwarves were only to willing to serve those who were displaced by the loss of Thoradin.

Habitat and Society

The Kayolin dwarves are not too much different then their cousins in Thorbardin when it comes to nature and appearance. They are a mixture of the two clans that originally settled there and have been able to live peacefully throughout their history.

Intermarriage between the two clans is common and the mixed-clan dwarves nearly outnumber those who are pure blood. This is just one sign of the peaceful coexistence of the dwarves. It is through the value of open communication with each that these dwarves have become a united group rather then the splintered factions found in Thorbardin.

Even though the governorship is Hylar, it is not held over the heads of the Daewar. The rest of the nations posts are decided upon merit and not blood ties. It is not uncommon for a Hylar to serve under a Daewar and do so willingly. When relating to the outside forces these two clans do so as one clan acting in their best interest.

Even though they are a great distance from Thorbardin this has not stopped the Aghar from entering their society. The gully dwarves here though take no interest in the happenings of the realm. The Aghar living here live better then those who live in Thorbardin.


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