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Zhakar Dwarf

Article written by Gerrin


Another clan of dark dwarves, the Zhakar were the inhabitants of Thoradin before they were defeated by Severus Stonehand. The Zhakar were afflicted with a strange illness, caused by a mold, which resulted in their constant state of decay: they could be considered lepers. Stonehand threw the Zhakar out of Thoradin if they did not swear allegiance to him after their defeat and removal of the mold curse.

Habitat and Society

In ancient times, the Zhakar kingdom was established beneath the Khalkist Mountains. They originally maintained cordial relations with other mountain dwarf races, but a few decades after the rise of the Hylar, the Zhakar were ravaged by a mold plague. Though the fever affected only the Zhakar, the Hylar and other dwarven races severed relations with the Zhakar, refusing them aid and forbidding them from entering their cities. The Zhakar withdrew, and their capitol was deserted overnight. An antidote was eventually developed, but not before 95% of the Zhakar population had died. Though the mold still exists, those Zhakar still left are immune to its effects.
The Zhakar continue to suffer from mold plague, most of the females are infertile, and those capable of giving birth can do so only once every five years. The eldest Zhakar, often the savant, serves as the leader of his group. They are excellent metalsmiths, sculptors, miners, and poets.


Zhakar have completely disassociated themselves from all other races. They raise small herds of subterranean lizards, which they ride. Lizards too old or too uncooperative to ride are butchered for eating. Zhakar have no taste for alcohol, preferring a tea.


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