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Klar Dwarf

Article written by Gerrin


The Klar were a clan of dwarves that were one of the original four clans of Kal-Thax. Their ability to use the Urkhan Worms allowed them to take over the farming practices of Thorbardin. During the Dwarfgate War the Klar were trapped inside of Thorbardin and unable to leave to assist the hill dwarves. Following the Dwarfgate war the Klar were put into a status of servitude towards the Hylar people. Living as servants for generations caused a burning hatred, which led to their rebellion during the Chaos War. At the moment Thorbardin most needed help the Klar were the only clan that fought with the Hylar to prevent the spread of Chaos.

Following the Chaos War, Tarn Bellowgranite pardoned many of the Klar for their actions during the Chaos War. The Klar once again came to Tarn's aid during the War of Souls in which the Hylar Thane Jungor Stonesinger led a rebellion against Tarn. After Tarn was defeated by Jungor, some of the Klar joined Tarn in his exile while others began an underground campaign to overthrow the new High Thane Jungor Stonsinger.


According to some sources the Klar were a group of hill dwarves that were prevented from leaving Thorbardin after the Cataclysm. This drove them mad. This story is very contradictory with other stories that have the Klar as one of the original clans of Kal-Thax. According to another source the Klar are wild and crazy from their use of tamex or quicksilver.


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