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Thane of the Daergar

Article written by Gerrin

To become Thane of the Daergar a dwarf must enter the arena and face seven opponents in succession, successfully defeating them. If the dwarf fails then whoever beat him must face seven more dwarves for the right to rule. Often times changes in leadership take months before a new Thane wins.

Past Thanes of the Daergar

Vog Ironface (? 2149 PC - 2128 PC ?) was the first known Thane of the Daergar. He ruled for many years wisely over his people before stepping down from his position.

Crag Shade-eye (? 2111 PC - 2109 PC ?) was Thane during the Kal-Thax Mandate. He agreed to follow Derkin Lawgiver as the first High King. His total years of rule are unknown, but it was for these three years at least.

Rance Coalmount (? 348 AC ? - 353 AC) was defeated in single combat by Halt, and killed in the process. It is unknown when he actually started as thane, but best estimates are just prior to the War of the Lance in 348 AC.

Halt Blackmetal (353 AC - 383 AC) served as Thane for thirty year before Darkend had him assassinated.

Darkend Bellowsmoke (383 AC) became Thane after having Halt killed, he himself was later by the Platinum Egg.

Shahar Bellowsmoke (? - 423 AC) became Thane sometime after the Chaos War. He was stripped of his title by Jungor and chose exile with Tarn Bellowgranite.

Current Thane of the Daergar

The current Thane is unknown, but a new one was named by Jungor Stonesinger following him seizing power.


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