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Daergar Dwarf

Article written by Gerrin


The Daergar are also one of the original clans of Kal-Thax. One of their earliest known thanes was Vog Ironface, who ruled at the time of the Hylar's arrival. After the Hylar's arrival the Daergar played several important roles in the Wizards War and the wars against the Empire of Ergoth.

At the conclusion of the War of the Lance the Daergar Thane was Halt Blackmetal. He was thane until Darkend Bellowsmoke replaced him. Darkend Bellowsmoke led a rebellion against the Hylar. He convinced the Theiwar and the Klar to fight against the Hylar during the Chaos War. It was during this time when Darkend's sister, Gerimeth Bellowsmoke conspired with Zarak Thuul, a Chaos daemon, in conquering all of Thorbardin. During the rebellion both Darkend and Gerimeth are killed and the daemon Zarak Thuul is defeated. Following the rebellion the dark dwarves rule for a time before the return of Tarn Bellowgranite, the true High Thane.

During the War of the Souls the Daergar clan is lead by Shahar Bellowsmoke. After Jungor Stonesinger begins his rebellion against Tarn Bellowgranite the Daergar initially sided with Tarn. Unknown to Tarn, Ferro Dunskill would lead Tarn's forces into a trap and betray him to Jungor Stonesinger's forces. Thane Shahar Bellowsmoke would attempt to right the wrong by leading his forces against Stonesinger's in the Battle of the Anvil. Following the war Shahar Bellowsmoke is relieved from his duty as thane and replaced by one that Jungor Stonesinger chooses. Shahar Bellowsmoke accompanies the Daergar who travel with Tarn into exile.

Habitat and Society

Daergar are the counterparts of the Theiwar in much the same way the Daewar are the counterpart of the Hylar. They are the brawn behind the Theiwar brains. However, they are not allies: the Daergar are even more murderous than their Theiwar cousins, and much more prone to physical violence rather than cunning to resolve any given situation. Daergar have established impressive strongholds in the caverns beneath the Kharolis Mountains. Outposts are also rumored to exist elsewhere on the continent. Daergar cities are dark and gloomy. Windowless prison modules and a huge arena where prisoners engage in bloody combat for the amusement of the citizens dominate a typical Daergar city.

Among the most revered members of the Daergar society are the bonemasters. Bonemasters are elder Daergar who attend to the bone pits located on the village perimeters, designing weapons, tools, and armor made from the bones. Bonemasters also have the ability to animate bones, creating living skeletons to do the bonemaster's bidding. A bonemaster can animate humanoid and animal skeletons alike; a number of skeletons equal to the bonemaster's level can be animated at the same time. The animated skeletons cannot be of any class; they choose their successors, to whom they teach the bone-animating ability.


Daergar have little interest in the affairs of other races. They hate Neidar and have no particular affection for Humans, Elves, or Kender.


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