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Theiwar Dwarf

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One of the original clans of Kal-Thax, the Theiwar are a clan known for its treachery and underhanded dealings. The first known Theiwar thane is Crouch Redfire who was slain by Glome the Assassin. Redfire's successor was Twist Cutshank, who led the Theiwar at the time of the Hylar arrival. Twist Cutshank conspired against the Daewar and attempted to have them destroyed by the Cobar during a raid. Olim Goldbuckle, thane of the Daewar, challenged Twist Cutshank to duel in which Olim easily defeated Cutshank. His co-conspirator Glome then succeeded Cutshank.

Glome led his people during the founding of Thorbardin, anger, jealousy, and distrust of the Hylar led Glome to openly voice his disapproval of them. He was removed from being a thane and replaced by Slide Tolec. Glome though, angered at the Hylar and blaming them for all of the problems that the dwarves faced, launched an assassination attempt against the Hylar thane, Colin Stonetooth. Colin Stonetooth and the Ten (his personal bodyguard, all but Willen Ironmaul were present during the attack) battled back but fell to Glome and his followers. Stonetooth's death sealed the covenant of the forge in which all thanes agreed to serve Thorbardin in their clan's interest. The thanes put Glome to death for his actions.

Centuries later the Theiwar would once again provide the key figures during the War of the Lance. Led by Thane Realgar the dark dwarves made a pact with the Red Dragon army to turn Thorbardin over to the dragon armies. Realgar's plans were futile as the Hylar thane, Hornfel, killed him. Pounce Quickspring replaced Realgar.

Pounce Quickspring later helped the Daergar in an uprising that took place during the Chaos War. Thane Quickspring helped lead the attack on the Hylar's home city and sided with the army of Chaos during the war. During the battles Pounce Quickspring is killed. Following the war the Theiwar thane is Brecha Quickspring. Brecha Quickspring conspires with Jungor Stonesinger in overthrowing the Hylar.

Habitat and Society

The Theiwar dwarves are one of the races of dark dwarves. Known for the conniving and scheming they are often plotting to overthrow the Hylar and rule Thorbardin themselves. Theiwar are always looking for ways to further their own self-interests. Living in their dark dwellings Theiwar form communities that are often unlighted. A Theiwar is easily distinguishable from other dwarves because of their paler complexions and larger eyes. The Theiwar are also a clan of dwarves who have come to use magic. While most dwarves mistrust or hate magic, the Theiwar have embraced the art.


The Daergar are the only dwarven race that socializes with the Theiwar. Theiwar hate all other races, particularly Humans and Elves. Though they can eat all types of food, Theiwar prefer to eat meat raw or cooked. Warrior Theiwar are rumored to eat humans during drunken festivals.


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