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Calnar Dwarf

Article written by Gerrin


The Calnar were located in Thorin (which is near present day Thoradin). They were a peaceful group of mining dwarves who had trade relations open with human settlements. These settlements traded with the Dwarves during Balladine. Balladine was a festival that allowed humans to come and trade. During the last Balladine a Human, Grafen Ember-Eye, led the human traders and attacked the Calnar out of jealously. The Calnar were forced to fight back (look to the left as they called a time of crisis noting that every tool has two sides, one for trade and one for war). The Calnar were able to defeat the human invasion. After the battle was over Colin Stonetooth split the Thorin into those who wished to stay and live under the reign of Tolon the Muse and those who were to seek out Everbardin. The Calnar under the leadership of Colin Stonetooth, left Thorin and traveled to Kal-Thax. Upon leaving Thorin, Colin Stonetooth adopted the name the humans called his people the Hylar, which means the Highest.


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