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Kristophan is the capital of the Imperial League, seat of power for the Emperor of the Imperial League. It is the largest city in the League, located on the western coast of the New Styrllia province, southwards of the city of Morgad. The capital is filled with those trying to gain power or influence (or both) across the empire, as it is not only the home of the Emperor, but also where the Imperial Senate meets, and the location of the Imperial Arena.

NicknameGlory of the Empire
Settlement TypeMetropolis
CountryImperial League
ProvinceNew Styrllia
LeaderEmperor of the Imperial League
Population352 AC - 500,000
Founded1 AC

History of Kristophan

After the destruction of the Aurim Empire during the Great Destruction, Human refugees fleeing from the southern province of Styrllia built a new home near the western coast which they named Kristophan, in honor of their leader Kristophus. The fledgling settlement was defensible against land invaders, but did not envision the likelihood of an incursion from across the Western Ocean. Then came the Minotaurs from across the sea.

The minotaurs entered the city, defeated Kristophus and his loyalists, whilst the rest of the humans threw down their weapons and swore allegiance to the minotaurs. The town was developed into a huge city, and was built around the original human settlement which became known as Old City (Kristophan) , the poorer district of Kristophan, which housed the human and other non-minotaur residents of the city. The districts of New City (Kristophan) , and Imperial City were then added as the city flourished. A giant sixty-foot wall was constructed around the city to repel future invaders, and massive gates were the only entry points in. The gates were rumored to be so strong that not even a Dragon could break them down.

Age of Mortals

In 424 AC, the city was struck by a massive earthquake that sundered the northern parts of the city. The Imperial Palace was destroyed and took the reigning Emperor, Ambeoutin XII and his entire family into the bowels of the earth. The southern parts of the city survived, as did some of the northern reaches such as the Imperial Arena. The residents of the city struggled to rebuild their once grand home, and a number of warlords became restless as they sought to claim the throne.

Just after the folk of Kristophan were finally starting to rebuild and forget the terrible events of the previous year, in 425 AC, a Fire Dragon was sent against them by the fearsome Maladar an-Desh. The dragon unleashed fire on the city, again destroying much of it before departing.

It wouldn't be until 427 AC, that the city was once again in a position to rebuild, with a new Emperor, Ambeoutin XIII, on the throne to lead the minotaurs into a new age.

Districts of Kristophan

Imperial City
New City (Kristophan)
Old City (Kristophan)

Buildings of Kristophan

Alchemist's Shop
Antilla's Grog Shop
Arishanolis III's Villa
Armorer's Shop
Barracks of the Black Cloaks
Bloody Gate
Cows House of Fashions
Customs Office
East Plaza Constabulary
Emperor's Way
Empress's Palace
Forum of the Senate
Generals' Wall
Guide Hall
Hall of Laws
Healer's Den
Hiram's Bookshop
Hooves Polished
Imperial Arena
Imperial Library
Imperial Palace
Kalinos' Home
Kallides' Villa
Lord Murgharl's Villa
Marcus Theatre
Market of the Chosen
Master Balthuus' House
Matron Ouguhra's Villa
Miranda's Palace
Norsarilus' Home
Partucha's Villa
People's General Store
Reorx's Forge
Shackles by Shariskis
Shivered Spar
Smuggler's Cove
Snurrin's Emporium
Statue of Sargonnas
Swordmaster's Shop
Telgran's Dive
Tenderloin Lodge
The Armory Market
The Barrelstave Pub
The Belltower
The Bullish Gourmet
The Cauldron
The Champion's House
The Docks
The Dragon's Claw
The Frosty Mug
The Golden Palace
The Golden Stables
The Green Lady
The Hall of Gracchus
The Old Armory
The Oracle
The People's Temple
The Sea Gate
The Stone Bull
The Watering Trough
The Well
Theodruses' Hostel
Tiberion's Emporium
Voyager's Inn
Wall Tower
Warehouse District (Kristophan)
Warriors' Guild
Wharf Area Constabulary
Wood Gate

Roads and Streets of Kristophan

Andrea Street
Beggar's Court
Bleak Street
Bortold's Way
Captain's Way
Charcoal Alley
Craft Lane
Emperor's March
Forest Gate
Ironmonger's Alley
Leech Alley
Malno's Walk
Mate's Alley
Plaza of the Champions
Plaza of the Sun
Sail Court
Saione's Court
Shoreward Road
Street of Glass Pillars
Street of the Chosen
Sword Way
The Highroad
The Short Way
Water Court

Geographical Features

Salt Spray Point
The Ravine
The Tombs


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