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Sword of Tears

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Sword of Tears is a magical Longsword that was crafted during the Age of Dreams by Sargonnas to be used by his dark champion. The sword is really light, long, and slim, has a green emerald imbedded in the center of the hilt, and no crossguard. The one thing a wielder has to be aware of is that the Sword of Tears will slowly take over your mind until you are its slave. It has been called a Demon that feeds on vanity and despair. Once the Sword of Tears tires of someone, it will get rid of them to find a new host that it will attempt to turn into a bloody warlord.

The sword is able to talk to its wielder telepathically, cut into stone and steel as easily as paper, it glows with a green light, it can heal deformed people, repair scarring of the body, when used to slice the ground fruit bearing place sprout up, gives its wielder extra strength and power, can see through the eyes of another person while holding the blade, you can even step into that sliced spot in the air to another place, can pull it from your hand even though it isn't there, and you can will it to you.

Age of Dreams

Through this blade, Takhisis was able to seduce the ogre race, and bringing about one of the reasons for their downfall. It is unknown where the blade went from there, but it would end up in the possession of a dragon.

During the Third Dragon War, a Knight of Solamnia by the name of Huma Dragonbane found the Sword of Tears among the treasure horde of Wyrmfather in the Monument of the Silver Dragon. He used this blade to kill Wyrmfather, and felt that he could win the whole war with this sword. In reality, the sword was slowly taking over Huma's mind, and becoming a slave to the sword. A pure Gray Man told him this, and Huma eventually overthrew the will of the sword, giving the sword to the Gray Man. Where the blade went from there, is unknown.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, the Sword of Tears popped up again in the possession of a Minotaur named Aryx Dragoneye. With it, Aryx was able to defeat the Magori who were following the direction of the Coil. Following the war, Sargonnas took the blade back, but this may have been Takhisis in disguise.

Age of Mortals

A Human named Hermetes found the Sword of Tears in 403 AC. Hermetes used to be a cleric of Mishakal, and he would go on to use the blade for things he felt were for good. He realized that the sword was trying to take over his mind. He would go up into the mountains in an attempt to throw it into a deep pit, but was struck by lightning and killed. The Sword of Tears would begin calling to its next host Draytor, and it is assumed that he took the blade.

The Sword of Tears pops up again in 421 AC, the minotaur god Sargonnas gives the blade to Faros Es-Kalin in order to bring the Minotaur Empire back together.


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