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Article written by Kranar Drogin

January is the first month of a given year.

Other names: Aelmont (Ergothian), Ice Glaze (Plainsman), Newkolt (Solamnic), Dark-Crypt (Dwarven), Winter Night (Elven), Snowfun (Kender), Famine (Goblin), Chemosh (God-days).

Important Dates

January 1: Happy Year Day
First day of the new year!

January 3: Dark Day
The anniversary of the Cataclysm and a day of reflection.

January 4: Tarsinian Regatta Day
Commemorates the day when Tarsis became land-locked.

January 18: Night of the Mantis
A Majere holy day.

January 22: Oathbreaking
The day the good dragons learned of Takhisis' broken promise.


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