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Quivris (? AC - ? AC) was a Silvanaes Elf noble, that served as the Lord-Protector or Armach-nesti. As one of the most important elves in the nation of Armach, Quivris was a close confidant of the Voice of the Stars, serving as her general and military advisor. Quivris stands at 6' 6" tall, is reed-thin and has long flowing golden hair. He is the brother of the Moon-Thief Shedara.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
RaceSilvanaes Elf
Hair ColorGold
Eye ColorUnknown
Height6' 6"
OccupationLord-Protector of Armach-nesti

For a number of years, Quivris served as the Lord-Protector of Armach-nesti, ensuring the best interests of the elves were maintained, as well as the interests of the Confederacy of Armach. He maintained a close relationship with his sister Shedara, even though she was often sent to faraway realms on missions for the Voice of the Stars. His world was greatly changed in 424 AC however, when Shadow-Fiends enter the forests of Armach-nesti, slaughtering the elves.

Quivris managed to escape the fiends along with a small group of elves, resorting to guerilla warfare to keep the small demons at bay. However he did not escape unscathed, bearing terrible wounds across his body and face, the right side of his face was left a ruin and he also lost his right eye.

When his sister returned to Armach with her elven companion Eldako, asking for aid to stop Maladar an-Desh, Quivris responded by telling her that he only had sixty elves under his command to fight the shadow-fiends, they were fighting a losing battle and could offer no aid. Eventually however Shedara convinced Quivris to aid them, and the elven lord lead his remaining elves to Kristophan to free Shedara's companions, Barreth Forlo and Hult. Under the cover of magic, Quivris and the others exacted the freedom of Barreth and Hult, and Quivris himself struck out at Rekhaz An-Thurn, Emperor of the Imperial League.

The pair faced off in the Imperial Arena, resulting in Quivris cutting off both of Rekhaz's hands, and then escaping with his companions out of the city through more magic. He offered Rekhaz his freedom in return for promising not to attack the nation of Armach, however the minotaur refused to give any such promise, swearing retribution. Quivris then walked away, allowing Barreth to kill the emperor. The elf lord and his companions sailed their boat back to Armach, where they disembarked to return to their fight against the shadow-fiends, leaving the boat for Shedara, Barreth, Eldako and Hult to use in their fight against Maladar.


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