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Moon-Thieves are a curious combination of a mage and a thief, rolled into one. This specialist class has all the skills of a rogue, ability to hide, sneak and steal, as well as the ability to draw magic from all three of the moons of magic. Typically moon-thieves are from amongst the Silvanaes Elves, and go on dangerous and risky missions for the Voice of the Stars. Such skilled individuals are exceedingly few, and are therefore highly sought after for all manner of missions. Due to the high requirement for moon-thieves, they rarely stay in one place for long, and live a life of subterfuge, constantly performing missions.

Contrary to most other elves, whilst moon-thieves primarily draw on the magic from Lunis, they also can call upon Solis and even Nuvis when needed, and will use forbidden arts such as Necromancy if in a dire situation.

Following the Godless Night, moon-thieves found their magic gone, like all other magic-users in both Ansalon and Taladas, but were able to rely on their roguish skills to still undertake missions. With the return of magic in 421 AC, the moon-thieves also found their arcane skills once again restored.


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