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Kings of Thorbardin

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Uziel

The King of Thorbardin has not existed as long as Thorbardin has been a nation. Originally the area that would become Thorbardin was a hotly fought over region that was divided between a series of dwarven tribes. In the decades before Thorbardin's creation, there were a couple of dominant chieftains who lauded themselves as the rulers of the region. Following this, there were several regents over the early Thorbardin, until finally Derkin became king.

The king has always been a Hylar Dwarf until Tarn was forced out of the kingdom in a coup, and Jungor Stonesinger came to power.

Dominant Chieftain of the Thorbardin Region

Voldrin (ca. 2193 PC - 2192 PC) A powerful chieftain of the dwarves in the Kal-Thax region who made himself known as the dwarven king to the Silvanesti elves.

Hal-Waith (ca. 2191 PC - 2149 PC) Voldrin's successor. Like his predecessor, Hal-Waith presented himself as the dwarven king to outsiders, and sent ambassadors to the Silvanesti elves, offering assistance in the Kinslayer War.

Past Regents of Thorbardin

Colin Stonetooth (2149 PC - 2148 PC) Came from Thoradin to help forge the dwarven nation of Thorbardin. Was killed by Glome the Assassin.

Willen Ironmaul (2148 PC - 2133 PC) After Colin dies, he became Chieftain of the Hylar. While on the Council of Thanes, he was chosen as Chief of Chiefs during the Wizard's War. Defeated the wizards and brought prosperity and growth the the dwarven kingdom. Towards the end of his reign, he resigned in disgust and his son Damon's second son takes over.

Note: Pandelthain (2140 PC) At this time, a dwarf named Pandelthain became the Thane of the Hylar. He is known by some outsiders as the ruler of Thorbardin, but is in truth, only a thane.

Cort Fireblend (2133 PC - 2113 PC) The second son of Damon Omenborn, followed Willen as the Thane of the Hylar. He ruled during the Dark Ages of Thorbardin. His son takes over after he steps down.

Harl Thrustweight (2113 PC - 2104 PC) The son of Cort Fireblend. Brought the Hylar Peace to Thorbardin after many years of lawlessness. Was killed in an assassination with rocks being dropped on him and seven of The Ten.

Derkin Lawgiver (2104 PC - 2068 PC) Was a former slave of the Ergoth Empire. He broke free then liberated dwarven lands from Ergoth. Signed the Swordsheath Scroll with the Qualinesti and Ergoth.

Note: Glenforth Sparkstriker (2072 PC) At this time, a dwarf named Glenforth Sparkstriker became the Thane of the Hylar. He is known by some outsiders as the ruler of Thorbardin, but is only a thane, as Derkin was already in power by this time.

Past Kings of Thorbardin

Derkin Lawgiver (2068 PC - 1945 PC) Became the first King of Thorbardin and ruled for 123 yrs before giving it up to his grandson Damon Stonetooth.

Damon Stonetooth (1945 PC - ? PC) He succeeded his grandfather Derkin, and then decreed that all future dwarven kings will also be know by their 'throne' name of Derkin.

Duncan (ca. 1 PC - 39 AC) He was the King of Thorbardin that wouldn't give in to the demands of the Hill Dwarves or their Human allies. Sent armies from Thorbardin to fight them both. Both of his sons were killed in the Dwarfgate War. While the battle was raging Reorx slammed his hammer down and destroyed every human and dwarf in the battle. He steps down as king after this slaughter.

No king following the Dwarfgate War until after the War of the Lance_

Glade Hornfel Kytil (351 AC - 383 AC) became King of Thorbardin after the Heroes of the Lance found the Hammer of Kharas. Marched off to war during the Chaos War and never returned. He was believed to have been killed along with all his troops. His only son and heir Arman Kharas, was killed in a counter-attack on Palanthas against Dark Knights.

Baker Whitegranite (383 AC) When Glade marched off to war in the Chaos War, he was left in charge of Thorbardin. Defended Hybardin from attack from the dark dwarves and Chaos creatures. He ended up dieing when releasing the Platinum Egg's power.

Tarn Bellowgranite (383 - 423 AC) Took over leading the Hylar and Thorbardin after his father Baker died. Helped the Qualinesti Elves escape from Qualinesti before Beryl and the Knights of Neraka killed them all. Was later thrown out of Thorbardin and currently resides in Pax Tharkas.

Current King of Thorbardin

Jungor Stonesinger (423 - ? AC) is the current King, following seizing power from Tarn.


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