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King of Icereach

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Icereach Ogre Kings were the ogre rulers over the then continent of Icereach. The kingdom that was first found was called Suderhold, with them ruling from the capital city of Winterheim, was later named the Kingdom of Icereach.

Past Kings of Icereach

Barkon Dynasty

Barkon I (5477 - 5414 PC) He was the first king, who brought the clans to Winterheim. One of the founders of Suderhold.

Barkon II (5414 - 5386 PC) Barkon I's son, one of the founders of Suderhold.

Barkon III (5386 - 5330 PC) One of the founders of Suderhold.

Icetusk Dynasty

Garren Icetusk (5330 - 5268 PC) First king of a new dynasty.

Whaleslayer Dynasty

? (4333 - ? PC) Information is unknown at this time concerning this dynasty.

Goldcrown Dynasty

Information on this dynasty is unknown at this time.

Manreaper Dynasty

Dracomaster Manreaper (? PC) He took this name a little prematurely, and was by a dragon.

Glacierlord Dynasty

Information on this dynasty is unknown at this time.

Bane Dynasty

Grimword Bane (1110 - 1054 PC) was the first of the Bane Dynasty.

Grimstroke Bane (1054 - 978 PC) was Grimword's son, who was next to rule.

? Bane (978 - 705 PC) Unknown number of kings and leaders of the Bane Dynasty.

Grimsea Bane (705 - 605 PC) has nothing to note at this time.

Grimtruth Bane (605 - 553 PC) Was killed by his son Grimwar, on the Ice Wall. At the end of his reign, he was fat and lazy instead of a great warrior.

Grimwar Bane (553 - ca. 453 PC) Killed his father Grimtruth Bane in a fit of rage on the Ice Wall. While he was King, the Human slaves revolted against their Ogre captors, and ended up winning their freedom. He married a human and they jointly ruled over Icereach in peace and harmony, human and ogre.

Current King of Icereach

With the coming of the Cataclysm, the Kingdom of Icereach was destroyed and the people that survived no longer had a nation to call their own.
Note: Most dates given were suggestions by Douglas Niles because, though the dates were implied, the dates were never printed in the Icewall Trilogy.


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