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Emperors of Ergoth

Article written by Uziel & Kranar Drogin

Emperors of Ergoth are the rulers of the Empire of Ergoth, and now Northern Ergoth. When am Emperor was to be crowned, they would wear the Arms of Ackal Ergoth during the ceremony.

Past Emperors of Ergoth

Ackal Dynasty

Ackal I (2600 PC - 2595 PC) was also known as Ackal Ergot, was the found of the Empire of Ergoth.

Ackal II (2595 PC - 2575 PC) was the son of Ackal I, was later slain in battle.

Ergothas I (2575 PC - 2572 PC) was the son of Ackal I, he was later murdered.

Ackal III (2572 PC - 2566 PC) was deposed as Emperor and murdered.

Mordirin Ackal (2566 PC - 2557 PC) was deposed as Emperor and confined.

Empress Kanira (2557 PC - 2541 PC) was the wife of Mordirin and suceeded her husband upon his death.

Ergothas II (2541 PC - 2530 PC) was the son of Mordirin & Kanira and took over as Emperor after his mother.

Pakin Zan (2530 PC - 2499 PC) was the first non-Ackal to become Emperor. He married into the dynasty.

Ergothas III (2499 PC - 2480 PC) was the son of Pakin Zan.

Ackal Dermount (2480 PC - 2460 PC) was the son of Ergothas II. He took up Ackal II's clan name and seized the throne for himself.

Ackal Dermount II (2460 PC - 2452 PC) was the younger brother of Ackal Dermount. He assumed the throne after his brother was murdered.

Six Years' Civil War between Ackal and Pakin loyalists. (2458 PC - 2452 PC).

Empress Deri (2452 PC) was the elderly daughter of Ergothas III.

Ackal Dermount III (2452 PC - 2439 PC) was the the Ackal Successor.

Pakin II (2439 PC - 2421 PC) who was Ackal Dermount III's son, and was known as "the Conciliator".

Pakin III (2421 PC - 2401 PC) was Pakin II's brother, and was known as "the Avenger".

Ackal IV (2401 PC) was formerly known as Prince Amaltar.

Ackal V (2401 PC - 2396 PC) was formerly known as Prince Nazramin.

Dalar Ackal (2395 PC - 2391 PC) was the babe of Ackal V that was led by generals. He disappeared and is thought to have been killed.

Mellamy Zan (2391 PC) only ruled for 100 days.

Protectorship of Rykard Gonzakan (2391 PC - 2352 PC) was harsh rule by General Ganzakan, in the name of the Pakins.

The Successors' War (2395 PC - 2352 PC) was a war between Pakin and Ackal factions and their foreign allies for the throne.

Pakin IV (2352 PC - 2288 PC) was the Pakin Successor after The Successors' War.

Ackal VI (2288 PC - 2240 PC) was called "Ackal the Unlucky." He was the most revered of the Ackal emperors.

Ackal VII (2240 PC - 2193 PC) named Quivalin V his heir, since his wife couldn't bear him a child. Rebellion breaks out across Ergoth due to this choice. Ackal VII was the last of the Ackal and Pakins to rule.

Quivalin Dynasty

The Elder Line

Quivalin V, the Defender (2193 PC - 2120 PC) was Quivalin III's son. He begins Kinslayer War against the elves of Silvanesti.

Quivalin VI (2120 PC - 2075 PC) was a weak ruler, and dominated by his courtiers.

The Younger Line

Quevalin VII, the Restorer (2075 PC - 2023 PC) deposed Quivalin VI, and changed name to "Quevalin".

Quevalin VIII, the Gambler (2023 PC - 1997 PC) Pursued pleasure at the expense of politics.

Quevalin IX, the Damned (1997 PC - 1996 PC) was the son of Quevalin VIII. He was a sadistic tyrant that ended up getting murdered.

Quevalin X, the Navigator (1996 PC - 1945 PC) was the brother of Quevalin IX. He was the wisest of his dynasty.

(1945 PC - 1905 PC) No known named ruler(s) during this time.

Quevalin XI, the Dotard (1905 PC - 1900 PC) was another in a long line of corrupt Emperors. A coup was staged against him.

End of the Quevalin Line (1900 PC) There was a coup against the current Emperors, due to them being inept.

Quisling Dynasty

Macqui Hellman (1900 PC - 1879 PC) was the first of the brutal military emperors

(1879 PC - 1812 PC) No known named ruler(s) during this time.

Emann Quisling (1812 PC - 1792 PC) was another corrupt Emperor of Ergoth that was defeated by Vinas Solamnus.

End of the Quisling line (1792 PC) Solamnus ends the Quisling line with the rebellion of Solamnia.

Numerous corrupt and ephemeral emperors. (1792 PC - c. 1234 PC)

Lekaer Dynasty

Theolonius Lekaer II (c. 1234 PC)

Lekaer IV (c. 1060 PC)

Lekaer V (c. 1040 PC)

Bestell III, the Faceless (c. 1018 PC)

Lekaer VII (c. 947 PC)

Gwynned Dynasty

Gwynned II (c. 280 PC)

Gwynned V (c. 118 PC)

Gwynned VI (39 PC - 1 PC)

Gwynned VII (1 PC) didn't rule very long. He was killed in the Cataclysm.

Series of petty despots (1 AC - 30 AC)

Redic Dynasty

Baridor Redic I (c. 30 AC)

Mercadior Redic IV (c. 300 AC)

Mercadior Redic V (c. 332 AC)

Mercadior Redic VI (c. 414 AC - Current AC)


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