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Laura Majere

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Uziel

Laura Majere (373 AC - ? AC) was born the daughter of Caramon Majere and Tika Majere. She had three brothers, Sturm Majere, Tanin Majere, and Palin Majere, and one sister, Dezra Majere. She is also the aunt to Linsha Majere and Ulin Majere.

NameLaura Majere
Birth373 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorUnknown
SiblingsSturm Majere, Tanin Majere,
Palin Majere, Dezra Majere

When Laura was younger, she had long red hair, but by the time after the War of Souls in 422 AC, she had long white hair, but still looked younger than her years. Laura was also known to be highly skilled at haggling, and usually got the best out of any business deal.

Age of Mortals

It's unclear, but it is believed that Laura took over running the Inn of the Last Home officially in 420 AC, following the death of her mother. Even when she is at her sternest with a person, she will never allow a visitor to stay thirsty or hungry. She can be found there today, running the Inn in Solace.


Some said she had other brothers and sisters, including Leaf Majere, Kalin Majere, Dezerell Majere, Melody Majere, and Kaitlin Majere, but this was not true.


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