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Baltasar Rennold

Article written by Paul Record & Kranar Drogin

Baltasar Rennold (Born 370 AC - ? AC) was an honorable and holy man who is the current Lord of the Night of the Knights of Neraka. He rules over a splintered knighthood, led by factious warlords who are interested in personal power rather than the knighthood itself.

NameBaltasar Rennold
Birth370 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationLord of the Night

Rennold is an honorable and holy man. He is tall, standing almost six and half feet high. He has thick, dark, bushy hair and sports a handlebar mustache accented with a graying beard.

Early Years

Rennold's was the son of a Knight of the Sword. He grew up listening to the teachings of Kiri-Jolith from his father, instilling in him a deep-rooted faith in the divine.

Chaos War

Rennold's was 13 when a Knight of the Lily cut down his father and mother during the Chaos War. Seeing something worth saving in Rennold's, the Knight of the Lily sent him to a Skull Knight temple where he was schooled in the teachings of the dark knighthood, and basically brainwashed.

Age of Mortals

After three years, at the age of 16, Rennold pledged his life to the knighthood and became a squire of the Lily Knight who spared his life, Sir Farall Skycutter. From Skycutter, Rennold learned a strong sense of honor and about the Vision.

Rennold's rose quickly through the ranks of the knighthood. Eventually he wanted to rise to the rank of Lord of the Lily, and in order to do so he had to defeat his former patron, Sir Skycutter, in single combat. Twice Rennold had the chance to avenge his parents and skill Skycutter, but he would not do so. He chose to honorably beat Skycutter, and with Skycutter's defeat, Rennold entered the Order of Lords and claimed Skycutter's dragon, Kerrilastian as his own.

Post War of Souls

After the War of Souls, Rennold's saw the knighthood was falling apart. Leading the cause of unification, he tried to bring the various faction lords under one banner. In an attempt to force the issue, Rennold' claimed the title, Lord of the Night in 425 AC. He hoped the move would force unification, but instead it made him many enemies. He moved the headquarters of the Dark Knights from Jelek back to Neraka.

Rennold's is currently working on uniting the factions, restoring honor to the knighthood, and centering it on the Vision. Once these are complete, he will pursue his dream of the One World Order even if it means the destruction of everyone in his way. One of his greatest allies is Lord Adjudicator Galen Nemedi, but General Dogah is his greatest rival.


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