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Nuqala Windspeaker

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Crown, Ambro

Birth? PC
Death? AC
RaceDimernesti Elf
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorLight Green
OccupationSpeaker of the Sea
ChildrenVeylona, Ressata Windspeaker, at least 3 more

Nuqala Windspeaker (? PC - ? AC) was female Dimernesti Elf and Speaker of the Sea. She was born before the Cataclysm. Nuqala had weathered features and white hair. Her eyes were so light green that they almost appeared gold. She has a matronly air about her and when she spoke with people she stared very intensely at them, and she spoke Common with a Khurish accent.

She had five brothers and three sisters that died in the Cataclysm. Nuqalas father, a former Speaker of the Sea, died in Brynseldimer's (Brine's) first attacks against the Dimernesti. It was rumored that Nuqala's bodyguard, Qualinesti Elf Kellishion, was her consort. Nuqala has Half-Elf daughter Veylona. Nuqala also had a daughter named Ressata Windspeaker. In the years before 426 AC, she lost three of her children and two of her grandchildren.

She once practiced the healing arts, but lost faith in the gods after the Chaos War and did not get it back again after the gods returned.

Pre War of Souls

In 416 AC, she gave the Crown of Tides to Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter so she and the Heroes of the Heart could save all of Krynn.

Post War of Souls

In 426 AC, Nuqala let a conclave of good aquatic races to be held in Dimernost. She sent some of her people on a joint expedition with the Dargonesti to explore the World Gash. At this point Nuqala claimed to be measuring the rest of her life in months and not years.


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