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Thenol Campaign

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Uziel

Thenol Campaign (421 AC - 424 AC) was a series of battle between The Imperial League and the nation of Thenol, following the Godless Night. The Bishop of Thenol, Ondelos, ordered his zombie and Human armies to attack the nation to the north.

One famous Marshal, was Barreth Forlo. Barreth led his army, the Sixth Imperial Army, on a series of thirty battles against the undead and living armies of Thenol. Finally ending with four legions at a place called Hawkbluff. The Sixth Legion, along with the Third Imperial Legion, Fifth Imperial Legion, and the Ninth Imperial Legion attacked the Temple of Hith there.

When they did so, the undead of Hawkbluff rose out of the ground and attacked the armies. The combined legions were able to complete the destruction of Thenol's armies in the final battle, and Barreth led ten soldiers to attack Ondelos. When confronting Ondelos, seventy zombie children attacked Barreth and his men, and they were all cut down until Barreth cut off Ondelos' head.

With that, the war between the two nations was at an end. Barreth brought Ondelos' head back to Kristophan, only to learn that the Emperor, Ambeoutin XII, had died suddenly and wouldn't be able to see the end of the war.


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