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Ondelos (? - 424 AC) was the Bishop of Hith, and the leader of the nation of Thenol during the Thenol Campaign. He was old, fat, had piggy eyes, an ulcerous growth on his left side of his face that was a birthmark and was wine-colored, and long strands of thinning white hair.

Birth? AC
Death424 AC
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationBishop of Hith

Thenol Campaign

Following the Second Destruction, the god Hith came back to Krynn and brought Ondelos powers. He decided to lead Thenol in an invasion of The Imperial League. Little did he know, that a Human named Barreth Forlo would lead his Sixth Imperial Legion in thirty battles against Ondelos' zombie and human armies.

At the final battle, Ondelos had retreated back to a place called Hawkbluff. While preparing to defend himself, Ondelos had all the adults of Hawkbluff killed and sent into battle against Barreth's legions of the Sixth Imperial Legion, Third Imperial Legion, Fifth Imperial Legion, and the Ninth Imperial Legion. After he had killed the adults, he then turned to the seventy children of Hawkbluff and slaughtered them, only to raise them up as zombies of his own personal guard.

Ondelos stayed hidden in his great Temple of Hith until Barreth arrived and killed his personal guard and beheaded Ondelos. His head was taken back to Kristophan, and there was put on display.


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