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Barreth Forlo

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Uziel

Barreth Forlo (? AC – ? AC) is a male Human that was the Marshal of the Sixth Imperial Legion for the Imperial League. He is married to Essana Forlo, and together they lived at Coldhope Keep for some time. In 424 AC, Barreth's hair was starting to thin, and was also going gray at the temples. He also had a dark beard, and a slightly crooked nose from being broken several times. Barreth has always liked to cook for himself and had become quite adept at it. He also is a fair mariner when it comes to sailing and hated goblins.

NameBarreth Forlo
Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalityImperial League
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel
OccupationMarshal of the Sixth Imperial Legion
SpouseEssana Forlo
ChildrenAzar Forlo

Early Life

Barreth began in the army in 399 AC. He began his military career first as a soldier, moving up in rank to an officer, and from 418 AC to 424 AC he was the Marshal of the Sixth Imperial Legion. In order to attain the rank of marshal, he had to fight in the Imperial Arena, thereby proving himself to the minotaurs.

Barreth first met Essana in 404 AC when he was a young officer. They met each other at the Festival of Masks in Kristophan. Barreth wooed her for one year before a disapproving father Varyan agreed to allow him to marry Essana. Over the years they tried to sire children, but were unsuccessful. During all this time he never dallied with the camp followers that follow the army.

Thenol Campaign

When the Imperial League declared war on Thenol and the Thenol Campaign began, Marshal Forlo and the Sixth Imperial Legion were sent into Thenol to spearhead the attack on the undead nation. After thirty battles over the three years, they finally arrived at a place called Hawkbluff for the final battle between the two nations.

At Hawkbluff, the Thenolites tried to assassinate Barreth, but he was only shot in the bottom. He was burned badly from the magic on the arrow, but Grath pulled the arrow from his body and Barreth had his wound healed. Barreth commanded not only the Sixth, but also the Third Imperial Legion, Fifth Imperial Legion, and the Ninth Imperial Legion at the final battle of the Thenol Campaign at Hawkbluff.

Marshal Forlo was the only one of eleven men to survive the final confrontation against Ondelos and his 70 children zombies he created in the Great Fane of the Temple of Hith. Forlo was so overcome from the battle that Grath had a mage put a spell on him after the battle to try and make him forget the fight due to him being half mad with grief over killing the zombie children.

Death of an Emperor

Following the end of the Thenol Campaign, the Emperor of the Imperial League, Ambeoutin XII, was killed in a massive earthquake that shook Kristophan and also killed all his heirs. The Imperial Legions were all recalled back to the capital at this time.

Barreth didn't care who became the next emperor, and only wanted to go home. He had to ask Rekhaz An-Thurn, who was the current military commander, if he could leave to go home. Rekhaz asked Barreth to stay on to assist in stabilizing the empire due to his huge popularity with the lords of the Imperial League, but Barreth refused.

After three long years, Barreth finally arrived home. He got back into a routine with his wife running the fiefdom and was finally able to simply relax. He soon found out that his wife was expecting and due to give birth in the winter, at which he was overjoyed.

Uigan Invasion

In the summer of 424 AC, the Uigan, led by Chovuk Boyla invaded Coldhope. In order for Barreth to get military assistance from Rekhaz An-Thurn to turn back the invasion of the Uigan, he had to swear to serve Rekhaz, but was only given about 856 men to do battle against the huge horde of thousands.

Barreth met an elf named Shedara at this time. While they journeyed together, she sensed a spark of magic deep down inside of him. Shedara found that he had a spell on him when she shared his dream with him. Shedara found the spell that Grath had put on Barreth and that it was driving him crazy in his sleep. She cleared the spell from him and he slept peacefully, but hated Grath for doing such a thing to him.

The Sixth Imperial Legion, led again by Barreth, engaged the Uigan at Lost Road by the Tiderun Strait. Barreth's men suffered great losses, but were able to turn back the enemy with the help from the sudden flood of water that crashed through the enemy. Barreth then killed the Uigan leader Chovuk Boyla in single combat, and showed mercy to Chovuk's bodyguard Hult, who decided to follow Barreth even though they could not understand each other. Following the battle, Barreth raced back to Coldhope Keep and found that his wife, along with the Hooded One, had been kidnapped by Shadow-Fiends.

Chasing Starlight

Barreth decided to leave Coldhope Keep and travel to Armach-nesti to seek answers about his missing wife, both Hult and Shedara chose to go with him. Directly out of the keep, the group were ambushed by shadow-fiends, but were assisted by the elf Eldako, who appeared out of nowhere. The group returned to the keep with an unconscious Barreth and an injured Hult, where Eldako treated their wounds, whilst telling Hult and Shedara about the Wyrm-Namer who could identify the dragon scale left in Coldhope Keep. Shortly thereafter, minotaur soldiers of the Fourth Imperial League entered the keep and dragged Barreth back to Kristophan for deserting his post. Shedara and Eldako escaped capture, however Hult was also taken back in chains with Barreth.

After a mock trial, in which Emperor Rekhaz declared that Barreth and Hult would be executed. Barreth however, used his right as a citizen of the League to fight in the arena for his freedom, and the pair were thrown into the arena to fight against the deadly Horax. A contingent of elves led by Shedara and Eldako appeared and saved them from certain death, as well as kidnapping Rekhaz for safe passage. Once out of the city, Barreth exacted revenge on Rekhaz by killing him and mutilating his body before escaping Kristophan by ship and eventually reaching the Panak Desert in search of the Wyrm-Namer. The four companions met with the Ice People of the Spirit Wolf Clan, who aided them in finding the Wyrm-Namer through the Amaguik. On learning from the Wyrm-Namer that the dragon they searched for was Gloomwing, who laired in the Marak Valleys, they again took off in pursuit.

They found Gloomwing's lair was abandoned, but did discover The Teacher, who was the creator of the shadow-fiends and the manipulator of the Uigan. After learning that the Faceless Brethren were behind all the problems in Taladas, and that they were located in Neron, Barreth allowed Hult to kill the Teacher.

The Faceless Brethren

On reaching Neron, the companions were ambushed by Gloomwing, and Eldako acted as bait to lure the dragon to its death, although he also was presumably killed. Barreth and his friends were let to the village of Ke-Cha-Yet by the Cha'asii elves, and soon after learnt that the Merkitsa Elf was not dead, and rescued him from the Yaggol. With the cha'asii, Barreth and his comrades reached the Temple of Akh-tazi, where they faced off against the Faceless Brethren, interrupting the cult's ceremony to fuse Maladar's spirit with that of Barreth and Essana's new son Azar. Barreth learnt that the young man standing before him was his son, who had been magically accelerated into an adult to serve as a better host for Maladar.

Barreth and his friends killed most of the Brethren, however their leader, The Master, was able to incapacitate Barreth, Hult and Shedara. A hidden Eldako appeared and tackled the Master off the temple roof, resulting in the death of both the Master and the brave merkitsa elf. The spirit of Maladar then entered Barreth's body, taking over control and forcing him to flee the temple, leaving his wife, son and companions behind.

Pawn of Maladar

Finding himself dominated by the spirit of Maladar, Barreth was forced to go along with the Faceless Emperor's journey to the Burning Sea, where he attempted to raise the Chaldar and the ruins of the city of Aurim. The former soldier found that it was impossible to overcome Maladar's will and was also told that he would not be killed, but that the Faceless Emperor wished to keep his spirit in place, to torture Barreth for as long as he pleased.

Finally in 425 AC, Barreth was able to force Maladar's spirit out of his body whilst in the Chaldar, in a fit of rage over the death of his son Azar at the hands of Maladar. With the help of Hult, Maladar's spirit was permanently severed from rejoining with Barreth's body, and the hero was freed from servitude to the foul villain. Barreth left with Hult and Shedara, returning to the Rainward Isles to be with his wife Essana, and perhaps to test the validity of the tale of Takhansho.


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