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Qué-Shu (Village)

Article written by Uziel

Settlement TypeVillage
Population Human

The village of Qué-Shu lies slightly eastwards of Solace, along the base of the Eastwall Mountains in Abanasinia. A low circular wall surrounds the village, and there are a large number of tents, and permanent buildings setup within the wall. Major structures are in the centre of the settlement, including the village hall and the home of the chieftain. At the absolute centre of Qué-Shu is an arena, in which all physical contests are played out. Qué-Shu has traditionally been led by a chieftain, who is guided by a wise shaman.

Age of Mortals

In 388 AC, Goldmoon found the Power of the heart. She returned to Qué-Shu and accepted students. The students were taught and stayed in the Temple of Mishakal. In 391 AC, Goldmoon left with her students to Schallsea to build her Citadel of Light. After the Citadel was complete in 396 AC, Goldmoon organized the Citadel Advisors, and had a Citadel Advisor stationed in the village.

Buildings and Structures

Ancestors' Temple
Grieving Wall
Temple of Mishakal


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