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Sixth Imperial Legion

Article written by Kranar Drogin, Uziel, Tavin Springfingers

The Sixth Imperial Legion is one of the legions of the Imperial League that was led by Barreth Forlo. When it set out for the Thenol Campaign in 421 AC, it was made up of 2,000 Humans and Minotaurs and fought for three years in thirty different battles. After the end of the Godless Night and the campaign, the legion was made up of seven hundred soldiers in 424 AC.

Sixth Imperial Legion symbol by Tavin.
EnlargeSixth Imperial Legion symbol by Tavin.

With the retirement of Forlo following the campaign, command was given over to his second-in-command, Grath Horuth-Bok. However following an invasion of the League by the Uigan, Grath led a large part of the legion to Coldhope Keep to assist Barreth in repelling the invaders, where the former commander again took charge of his legion.

In the autumn of 424 AC, the Sixth held the Lost Road at the Tiderun Strait against Chovuk Boyla's hordes. The legion slaughtered the Goblins that were sent at them and then defeated Chovuk's hordes. Of the 856 men that were in the legion, 514 were killed and 122 were wounded at the Battle of the Lost Road. Barreth Forlo survived the battle, however Grath did not. The commander left the legion in the hands of Captain Culos, following the battle.

The colors of the Sixth are blue and crimson.


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