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Elistan's (306 AC - Spring, 356 AC) life before becoming a Highseeker Priest is unknown. He ran the Seeker faith as fairly as he thought, and tried to stop the flow of atrocities that had started to plague his faithful. He had a white beard, thinning brown-gray hair, was thin and gaunt, and ice-blue eyes.

Early Life

Elistan was born in the city of Haven. As a young man, he was scholarly and a philosophical bent, always searching for some sign of the old gods. Even when he joined the charlatan group called the Seekers, he continued to look for them. Eventually he makes the ranks of the Highseekers, but contracts a wasting disease.

War of the Lance

When the War of the Lance broke over Abanasinia, Haven and the Seeker faith fell to the invading Dragonarmies. Elistan and his Seeker leadership were first approached by the Dragon Highlord Verminaard to join with his faith in the Dark Queen. Elistan would have nothing of this but the others joined with him. Once that happened, Verminaard had them all thrown into cages and taken to Pax Tharkas. While there, Elistan labored in the mines until he became too ill to work.

The Companions came to Pax Tharkas in 351 AC, and Goldmoon healed him of his illness. He immediately became a true believer and a follower of Paladine. After he escaped with the Companions he read up on the Disks of Mishakal, learning what the ancient gods of good had to teach. He learned how to perform wedding ceremonies and wed Riverwind and Goldmoon in 351 AC.

Elistan took charge of the former slaves of Pax Tharkas, and led them while they were holed up in Thorbardin. After the Companions found the Hammer of Kharas and Thorbardin had its king, he asked the Companions to travel to Tarsis and see if they could get a ship so the refugees may find a place of peace. The Companions departed, and Elistan began his new task of bringing the ancient gods back to the people of Ansalon.

Post War of the Lance

Following the war, Elistan moved to Palanthas and brought his faithful with him. While there, Dalamar came to Elistan in a panic about Raistlin Majere, who was having a bad fit. Elistan provided some comfort and aid to Raistlin despite their obvious differences.

In Palanthas, Elistan built his legacy, the Temple of Paladine of Palanthas, and Paladine's worshipers began to flourish. He sat in counsel as Dalamar and Tanis Half-Elven discussed Raistlin's plan to challenge the Dark Queen, and fell ill shortly after. He did not live long after falling ill, though Dalamar gave him a potion to ease his pain in payment for Elistan's earlier help with Raistlin. Elistan also gave Tanis a parchment to give to Crysania that proclaimed her the next head of the temple. Paladine came to him in the guise of Fizban to take him to the heavens in 356 AC.


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