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The Jarak-sinn are a race of lizardpeople whom are devoted to Chislev and the Five Great Dragons. They are completely covered in green scales and have reddish or pink eyes. Most Jarak-sinn speak only a dialect of Lizardfolk, however the occasional Jarak-sinn also speaks Common. This people are a vicious lot, who welcome the chance to prove themselves in combat. They ride large lizards into battle, and are fearsome enemies.

The lizardfolk live in large settlements, and they are ruled by a single king. There are always a group of shamans who serve Chislev or the Five Great Dragons (Takhisis) in every Jarak-sinn community. Their settlements are usually based in caves with mud-pits, where the lizardfolk prefer to relax. They are known to perform slave sacrifices in their worship of Chislev or Takhisis, and are generally avoided by most other humanoid races.


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