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Hurdu are the lizardpeople that reside in the Steamwall Mountains on Taladas. They have snake-like skin which is orange-yellow to yellow-green in color, and a natural ability to camouflage themselves into their surrounding environment. They stand 7-8 feet tall, however they are usually upon all fours to make themselves smaller. Hurdu are aggressive by nature and prone to violent outbursts. They respect the strong and show no mercy to the weak or ill, even amongst their own people.

ColoringYellow-Green to Orange-Yellow
LandsSteamwall Mountains

The Hurdu live in small settlements and trade with the Sesk Draconians. They are rivals to the Hobgoblins that live in the Steamwall Mountains, and despise both the Marak Kender, and the Fianawar Dwarves. They will attempt to kill any kender they come across, but flee from the dwarves, whom can generally defeat them in battle. The Hurdu worship Ussk (Morgion), whom they consider their war-diety. They are predominantly made up of barbarian warriors, however there are always a handful of clerics, dedicated to Ussk.


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