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Hill Giant

Article written by Uziel

When Paladine's curse befell the Ogres, the last major subspecies were the giants. One of the ogres, a great warrior known as Raunquar, was a massive ogre, known for his great size and strength. His descendants are the giants. The giants breed at a large rate and have extremely high birth defect rates. These rates led to the offshoot races of Cyclops and Ettins, coming into creation.

Hill Giants are the standard giants, who most resemble their forbear Raunquar. They stand at sixteen feet tall, are one of the most powerful humanoid races, and quite civilized. Hill giants are not the most intelligent of races, and they live in small clans in mountainous regions. They are quite happy to allow most folk to traverse through their lands, and have been known to befriend adventurers on occasion. However if they see armed groups traversing their lands, they will usually attack them on sight.


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