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Whilst normally, a mage class would not warrant a race description, Ogre-Magi are actually quite different from the rest of ogre-kind. When Paladine's curse befell the ogre race, they were affected in different ways. An ogre-mage known as Treloran used his powerful magic to shield himself somewhat from the curse. He was still affected, although not as badly as the rest of his race. The descendants of Treloran are known as the ogre-magi. They have considerable magical powers and are fairly intelligent. Their powers rivals that of the magic-users of any other race. In height they stand at around six to seven feet tall, and they have pale-blue skin. Also, their fighting skills are only moderate. Their arcane powers more than make up for this, and they are greatly respected by the rest of their kin. Whilst local shamans from amongst the general ogre race are often communal leaders, they will always defer leadership when in the presence of one of the ogre-magi. The ogre-magi however, are extremely rare.


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