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In the wake of the Cataclysm, some Irda chose to dwell in the sea rather than the land. These Irda altered their bodies and became the first of the yrasda (sea-dwelling Irda). Over time, the yrasda formed into three distinct clans: the Aphelka, the Thanic, and the Ushama. The three clans were formed based on the views and ideals of the yrasda and pointed to the alignment and disposition of the race. These clans also developed their abilities and can shapechange into varying sea creatures.

ColoringDark blue to dark green
RelationsHumans, Irda

The Yrasda are a nomadic people, whom dwell in small tribes across the ocean floor between Ansalon and Taladas. Yrasda have skin tones ranging from deep blue to deep green. They have beautiful voices and are every bit as graceful as their land-dwelling cousins. They tend to live in harmony with nature, living off of fish. Yrasda also make ornaments from coral, shells and pearls, which they use to trade with other races, but their most valuable commodity is information. Yrasda have often been known to pass on weather patterns, fish migrations and sea current information to fishermen, in return for news of the world beyond the seas.

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