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Tavarre (ca. 79 PC20 PC), more specifically known as Tavarre of Luciel, was the fourteenth Baron of Luciel and the first Grand Marshal of the Order of the Divine Hammer. When the Longosai claimed the life of his wife and son, he turned to banditry and soon others came to follow him. The young Cathan MarSevrin joined his band in 39 PC, and Tavarre taught fighting and survival skills to Cathan and the others. Tavarre's bandits joined with others under Ossirian's leadership and snuck into the city of Govinna, capturing it from within. Tavarre's band was sent south to watch for soldiers and they came across the lady Ilista and the monk Beldyn, who displayed a miraculous healing ability. Beldyn was brought to Luciel where he cured the remaining plague victims, and some of Tavarre's men (including Cathan) pledged themselves to Beldyn.

Birthca. 79 PC
Death20 PC
Hair ColorDark then white
Eye ColorGray
OccupationBaron of Luciel
Grand Marshal
SpouseName Unknown
ChildrenOne son
PredecessorNone as Grand Marshal
SuccessorCathan MarSevrin

Meanwhile, word of the attack on Govinna reached the Lordcity of Istar, and Kingpriest Kurnos sent imperial soldiers to retake Govinna. Tavarre's band happened upon the soldiers and returned to Govinna to warn Ossirian.

When the demon Sathira slew Ossirian, Tavarre took command of the city's defenses. Kurnos sent a force of thousands to destroy the bandits. Tavarre's men fought well, but Beldyn (now Beldinas) shattered Govinna's gates which allowed the Istarian soldiers to enter. Fortunately, Beldinas then used the Miceram to heal the entire population of Govinna, stopping the war and gaining the alliance of the remaining soldiers.

After Govinna, Tavarre became a commander in Beldinas' new army. The army marched to the Lordcity of Istar and Beldinas demanded Kurnos's abdication. Kurnos attempted to kill Beldinas with lightning by way of a magical ring, and Tavarre watched Cathan sacrifice himself to save Beldinas. He was furious that Beldinas didn't try to save Cathan, but his anger changed to awe when Beldinas performed the impossible and returned Cathan to life.

After hearing about a prophetic dream received by Cathan, Beldinas (now the Kingpriest) determined that a new knighthood was needed in Istar. Cathan became the first knight of the Order of the Divine Hammer, and Tavarre became the second knight and the first Grand Marshal of that order.

Tavarre faithfully served Istar, Kingpriest Beldinas, and the Divine Hammer until his death in early 20 PC. Tavarre and others attended a celebration held for the Kingpriest in the city of Lattakay. A grand tournament was held, which Tavarre won by defeating Cathan. Unfortunately, scores of quasitos attacked the exhausted participants, and Tavarre perished in the attack as did many others. Tavarre was buried next to his family and household in Luciel.

Tavarre was short with gray eyes and a wicked scar that ran from his left ear to the corner of his mouth. In 39 PC, he was wiry and had a dark beard tinged with white, but he was stocky with a white beard near the end of his life. He had a quick walk for his size and was an avid hunter – he supposedly knew every bit of land around Luciel. He fought with sword and shield and was considered a legendary fighter.


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