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Aurak Draconian

Article written by Matt, Trampas Whiteman, Niki-UK

Aurak mage by Niki.
Aurak mage by Niki.
The Aurak Draconians are among the most powerful of draconians, and were originally used as special agents of the Dragon Highlords because of their intelligence, cunning and magical abilities which they inherited from their Gold Dragon parents. Auraks stand approximately 7 feet tall, with thin limbs and no wings. Auraks have the ability to teleport short distances three times a day, and have shown an ability to exert some form of mind control. In battle, auraks must effectively be killed twice. The first time an aurak is "slain" it goes berserk and attacks wildly in melee, forgetting its magic abilities. When slain again, the aurak becomes "enchanted" and immolates itself and those around it, though it is immune to harm. After several rounds, the aurak explodes, injuring anything near it.


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