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Sivak Draconian

Article written by Matt & Trampas Whiteman

Sivak Draconians are the only "true" draconians who are capable of flight; they are second to Aurak Draconians in power (among the true draconians), and were created from the eggs of Silver Dragons. They generally attack with huge two-handed swords, but can also use their claws and/or armored tails. In addition to flight, sivaks have a unique (but limited) ability to shape-shift. When a sivak kills a humanoid-size or smaller creature, it may change into the shape of the victim. Once it shifts back to its regular shape, however, the ability to take the shape of the victim is lost—until the sivak kills again. A sivak will also assume the form of someone who has slain it: the "death shape" lasts for three days, after which the body will decompose into black soot.


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